Easy Ways to Clean Your Window

Nobody would love to clean the windows since it could be an overwhelming project, especially if you have large windows all over several stories without simple accessibility. However, after reading this article, you might be interested in cleaning your windows since we will provide you some of the easy tips to clean your window to make the whole process as painless as it should.

Newspaper vs. squeegee

Since then, the use of newspaper as a tool to cleaning windows are widely accepted as they claim that it can leave your windows sparkling clean after. But, this method will only transfer the grime around, making the glass more static that results in encouraging more dirt.

On the other hand, a squeegee is more effective and easier to do. To do so, you will only need a soft cloth. Then, let it be soaked by a washing liquid and use it to eliminate dirt by cleaning over the window. Beginning from the top, take hold of the squeegee and work your way down in forming an S-shape. While cleaning, guarantee to clean your squeegee using a lint-free cloth.


Grab the chamois out of your vehicle and utilize it to soak up the water that can be found in the frames of your windows. This is a must if you want to remove the excess water found in the corners of your windows.


Regardless of the type of blinds you have, they all encourage dirt and dust to come over. To stop any dirt development, utilize and antistatic spray after cleaning them. Over time, you can see that lesser dust will accumulate if you do so.

Blackboard eraser

If you have tried all the possible things you can do to clean your window and nothing still works, you need to go to the craft store near you and buy a new blackboard eraser. This might seem absurd but rubbing a blackboard eraser over your window will help remove those annoying streaks.

It is highly recommended since it is something that can remove the streaks without leaving any traces of extra residue of dust or lint compared to paper towels. Chalkboard erasers are intended for this purpose alone. The soft texture of the eraser could aid in buffing out the unattractive streaks that you can find on your windows.

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