If your car is not starting, it could be due to several problems. Such problems include dead battery or even more severe and expensive problems. Now, don’t worry because we will provide you some of the probable reasons why your car will not start:

The battery is dead

The battery is recognized as the heart of a vehicle. Your vehicle might not start once it is not fully charged. A dead battery could be due to anything such as leaving the interior and exterior lights on to a broken alternator.

The moment your battery dies, it could be “jumped” with the help of another vehicle and jumper cables. Upon doing so, you should guarantee to securely apply the jumper cables before trying to start your engine.

The gas tank is empty

You need to ask yourself when you last filled up your gas tank. The easiest problem of a car breakdown could be an empty tank. Once your tank is empty, it only indicates that you are unable to fill it up. Moreover, it could also indicate that you have a gas leak and this problem could be more problematic than an empty gas tank.

To prevent potential humiliation, you should always keep a gallon tank of gasoline within your car at all times. However, you need to make sure to secure the gasoline properly since it could produce fumes that could fill the vehicle’s exterior. Also, never smoke near a tank full of gasoline in your car.

Broken starter

The solenoid—starter of your vehicle—is the spark that attaches your vehicle’s battery to your vehicle’s engine. Once the starter will not turn over, then your engine will not run. Having a clicking noise while you turn on the ignition is one of the most usual indicators that you have a broken starter. A typical assessment for the strength of your battery is to turn the car’s headlights on and off. But a battery might possess sufficient juice to control the lights but not the engine. To be sure, it is highly recommended to contact a professional to conduct a thorough assessment.

If you think that you have a defective ignition switch, try doing the battery test and refer to an expert. Once your ignition switch is defective, it might cost you considerably more compared to a starter or battery. Hence, it would be great if you look for all the probable issues first.

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