2006 H3 Hummer 5 cylinder automatic

2006 H3 Hummer 5 cylinder automatic. New mud tires, small lift. Looks great. Chrome brush guard. High mileage but uses no oil. 177000 miles. Asking 8000.00. Willing to trade on car mid size truck, (Canyon, Colorado or Ranger) or newer model Razor. Hummer has always been a leader in both the off-road and on-road vehicle SUV industries. This SUV has always been known for it’s association with luxury. As it’s popularity grew, it became a status icon for those who could afford the $120,000+ price tag. You only need one glance inside the vehicle to understand just how “tough” the HUMMER H3 is. With all of the gauges, knobs, and dials, all it was missing were roof rack mounted machine guns. Fun to have? Yes. Practical to have? No. The Hummer H3 by no means is meant to be your only car. With roughly 8 miles to the gallon, it’s one of those vehicles that is only meant to be used when it will be seen by others. HUMMER H1’s are available as a limo, but it’s not nearly as common as the H2 HUMMER limo, which is taking the market by storm.

2006 Hummer H3
The sport utility vehicle H3 is produced by Hummer, a subdivision of General Motors and it was first introduced in the model year 2006 as 2007 vehicle. It shares its basic design with GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado compact pickup trucks. The Hummer H3 is the smallest models produced by General Motors. It is offered either as mid-sized pickup truck as H3T or as mid-sized SUV, H3. Enter the 2006 HUMMER H3, the newest addition to the HUMMER family. The 2006 HUMMER H3 is considered a midsize SUV, but has the same look and feel as it’s big brothers. It has received great reviews. It drives faster, sounds smoother, and turns tighter than any of it’s predecessors. Without a doubt, the H3 is one of the best midsize SUV’s on the market. It’s packed with industry leading features, safety, style, and of course, the head-turning look that you have come to expect from the GM and HUMMER line of SUV’s. While many HUMMER owners seem to be unaffected by the recent spike in gas prices, you won’t have to worry with the HUMMER H3. It averages 16-20 miles per gallon (depending on city or highway conditions), and could easily take the place of your only car. The best part? 2006 H3 Prices start at only $29,500.

condition: excellent
cylinders: 5 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
odometer: 177000
paint color: black
title status: clean
transmission: automatic

2006 H3 Hummer 5 cylinder automatic

2006 H3 Hummer 5 cylinder automatic

2006 H3 Hummer 5 cylinder automatic

2006 H3 Hummer 5 cylinder automatic

2006 H3 Hummer 5 cylinder automatic

2006 H3 Hummer 5 cylinder automatic

The 2006 Hummer H3 was an impressive midsize SUV, which was marketed at a reasonable price with plethora of top notch features that assured true value for every penny paid. Let us take a look at 2006 Hummer H3 specs.

Comfort and Performance
Hummers H3 has very good off-road capability, but let us see some more reasons for recommending the Hummer H3. Coming to the comfort of the car, the on-road performance of the car, it ensures a calm driving experience. You can pass over potholes and bumps effortlessly, but some bad news is that the 5-cylinder engine of Hummer H3 is little noisy and gruff; so its on-road performance is mediocre. Coming to the engine power, its five cylinder 3.7 liter engine is capable of speeding the vehicle to 60 mph in almost 12 seconds, but it definitely looks slower than the other latest generation vehicles. What’s more, it can climb an inclination of 60 degree and can traverse on a slope of 40 degree. It can also crawl through 2 feet deep water.

Quality and Running Costs
The feeling will be uninspiring when looked upon, but the plastics will make you feel like they are well latched down. Hummer H3 gives the feeling that it will care whatever the off-road filth you throw at it, and you’d still be safe enough inside it. Hummer H3 delivers a decent fuel economy of 20 mpg, but it also liberates 327g/kg of carbon dioxide, which isn’t too good for the environment.

Performance Specifications

• A front engine with 3460cc, 102 mm stroke, and 93 mm bore, 10 compression ratio, variable valve timing, four valves per cylinder and double overhead camera.

• Fuel economy in city – 16 mpg and on highway roads – 20 mpg.
• Unleaded fuel

• Fuel system multi point injection

• A tank for unleaded fuel with a capacity of 23 gallon
• A power of 164 KW, 220 horsepower SAE at 5600rpm and 305 Nm @ 2800 rpm.

Handling Specifications

• An axle ratio of 4.56:1

• Four disc brakes which includes two ventilated discs

• Traction control which is electronic via engine management and ABS

• Brake distribution which is electronic

• Immobilizer

Exterior Specifications

• Black rear and front bumpers

• Passenger and driver power black door mirrors

• Overall length-186.7’’, width-74.7’’, height-73.7’’, ground clearance- 9.1’’, wheelbase-111.9’’, front track-65’’,rear track-65.5’’ and a curb to curb turning circle of 37 feet

• Fog lights at front

• Glass which is heat reflective

• Metallic paint

• Underbody protection for transfer case, engine and for fuel tank.

• Halogen bulb headlights which have complex surface lens

• Fixed rear window with intermittent and defogger